Ash Finds A Pinsir April 06, 2012
Will ash catch a brand new pinsir or will it eascape from the pokeball there's only one way to know watch the video and let you're questions be answered.

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CM Punk vs. Chris Brown February 22, 2012
Chris Brown the king of douchebaggery gets owned by the best wrestler in the world CM Punk we all know that mr brown hits girls but would he even attempt to start a fight with someone his own size. I'll answer that one for you HELL NOO!! he only fights via twitter.

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Batman's Night Out February 20, 2012
Batman leaves Gotham City to protect the citizens of toronto?

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L.E.D Snowboarding February 20, 2012
Sick L.E.D Snowboarding.

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Spanish Superman February 20, 2012
Yes superman was spanish I looked it up on wikipedia.

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The Ride of His Life February 20, 2012
So this is the nascar of Colombia I gotta say it looks alot more entertaining.

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Brown Recluse and Black Widow vs. Hand February 06, 2012
Let this be A lesson don't do what this guy did.

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The Flip Side February 06, 2012
A look in to the flip side of things.

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Space Stallions February 06, 2012
This is a Bachelor film project 2012 from The Animation Workshop.
As darkness is covering the multiverse, far away in the galaxy of the wild stallion, a spark of hope is born. Guided by the light of Mother Mustang, the Space Stallions must defeat the Demon of darkness, Destructo.
Please make this into A real TV Show.

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Meet a Black Person February 06, 2012
Colorado has an African American population of 0.44%, so when a black go decides to go and vist well lets just say they're in for a surprise.

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