May 24, 2011

Pokemon World Online

Pokemon World Online (PWO) is a family-oriented game. While enjoying the game you may encounter people from all walks of life, from any background, and from just about any country on Earth.

While our game requires players to be 18 years of age or older to register an account, it is perfectly acceptable for a younger person to join us with parental permission.

Since we're family-oriented, we attempt to preserve a child-friendly atmosphere by removing inappropriate or adult content that may somehow find its way into our server space.

Although we do not have an official language, a large majority of our players speak either English, Portuguese or both. All of our GMs speak English. While these are the predominant languages, there is still a wide variety of dialects and languages that vary day-to-day depending on our current players. Notably, South-East Asian languages often are spoken, as are European languages such as Dutch and German.

New players begin in Pallet Town and are challenged to, like our favorite hand-held games, battle their way through a series of "Gyms" in order to be eligible to battle world-class trainers. On top of this, PWO provides unlimited access to player-versus-player (PvP) encounters. While it is not necessary to participate in PvP battles, all players eventually will find themselves challenging computer-operated Gym leaders and trainers.

PWO has been in production for just over a year now, and has made large leaps in progress since its quiet birth. A friendly, welcoming community awaits new players, and a competent staff is on duty to ensure quality entertainment. If you are a fan of Nintendo's hand-held games, you will thoroughly enjoy our interpretation.

A brisk dawn. A warm, sunny afternoon. The dead of night. It can happen at any time; it can happen without warning. Wild Pokemon roam the world, just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting adventurers. Wielding inhuman powers and possessing seemingly unnatural traits, these monsters fight tooth and nail to defend their territories.

Yet, despite their ferocious appearances and disarming charms, Pokemon are still the source of much scientific study. Many Professors would crawl directly into an angry mother's den just to observe the way the Pokemon interacts; it is this drive and ambition that shapes our world today.

The time for heroes is upon us! It is up to you and your friends to understand these so-called monsters and discover who they really are. You have been granted a Pokedex to help catalogue your data so you may share it with Professors and Breeders all over the world, to help their research. It is your duty to capture, tame, and befriend these Pokemon. Through your efforts, people and Pokemon may one day live together in peace. The time for you to achieve glory and respect is now. Carve your name into the history books, and prove your might to the universe! Go forth, and claim your destiny! A Trainer has been born!

Game Controls
W or Up - Move Up
S or Down - Move Down
A or Left - Move Left
D or Right - Move Right

Space - Interact with NPCs
Enter - Show Chat Bar
Mouse Button 1 - Select/Action Button
Mouse Button 2 - Misc Commands and Menus

The Game's Basic Abilities
If you played Pokemon for GameBoy or any other Nintendo System before (or at least an RPG), you should be familiar with how this works. You become stronger by defeating certain foes and collecting experience from the matches. You win battles with power (any attribute such as Attack, Defense, HP, etc.), luck, and strategy. Strategy is the most crucial element to winning.

Pokemon Centers - Place where you heal your injured Pokemon; You only need to simple enter the building with the Red Roof to heal, no need to go up to Nurse Joy.

Membership - A Membership allows you to gain extra money and EXP from battles. You become 4 times more likely to see a SHINY Pokemon and other various Bonuses.

Pokemon Marts - Where you can buy helpful Items to help you on your way to become a Pokemon master.

Gyms - In Pokemon games, bosses known as Gym Leaders are located in certain cities. Defeating them is usually important for getting past a city (some cities you can't exit, you need to defeat the Gym Leaders first). When you defeat a Gym Leader, you will earn an official badge as a reward.

World Map - A map where you can see where you are and other places around the Pokemon world.

Reputation - Reputation is a meter that allows you to battle certain NPCs (non-playable characters or computer-controlled trainers) or Trade. To gain more rep, you must win a trainer battle. You gain 0.2 rep for each NPC win OR 1/20 of your opponenets rep in a PvP (Player vs. Player, Real Human Trainer vs. Real Human Trainer).

Money Gain - You gain Pokemoney for each Pokemon you defeat, even in the wild. Money plays a huge role in the game especially through Trading.

Trading/Selling - To Trade, you must be in the same Pokemon Center as the person you're trading with. Then, you can right-click the person and select Trade.

Dropped Items - Occasionally, you will defeat a wild Pokemon and gain an Item these can be helpful.

Rebattling NPCs - Whether you win or lose to an NPC, you must wait 2 weeks to face them again. They will most likely become more powerful by then. However, if you lose to a Gym Leader you must wait 1.5 Days (36 Hours) until you get a rematch. This time should be used for training. If you defeat a Gym Leader, you may not face them again.

Fishing - You can only fish if you have a fishing rod. Use the rod next to wate. 3 things can happen: One, you can encounter a Wild Pokemon in battle. Two, you may fail to encounter a Pokemon; just keep trying. Three, you don't have enough skill to battle a Pokemon; to raise Fishing Skill, keep encountering Fished Pokemon in battles and it will increase. Fishing Skill allows you to battle certain Pokemon that can only be caught by Fishing. Check Fishing Skill by typing /fish into the chat bar.

PM'ing (Private Messaging) - Go to the Online list. Click the person's name to open a Private Chat window. This also works for people who are in your Friends List.

Commands - Certain commands allow help throughout the game. By typing this in the chatbox and entering, you will have newfound knowledge or other type of help. Listed here:

  • /battle PlayersName - sends a battle invitation to another player. The other player must accept to trigger a PvP battle. Alternatively, right-click a player close to you and click on Battle.
  • /accept PlayersName - when sent a battle invitation, typing this will trigger a PvP battle.
  • /ref (short for /refresh) - Refreshes the game. If you are stuck somewhere and cant move, use this command to get out.
  • /fish (short for /fishing) - Checks your Fishing Skill.
  • /trade PlayersName - Only works in Pokemon Centers. Requests a trade to another person. Alternatively, right-click the person you're trading with to send a Trade Request.
  • /list - shows a list of Catchable Pokemon and their rarity in the area you're currently in.
  • /list Pokemon'sName - Shows where the Pokemon is Catchable at.
  • /list Name of Place - Displays a list of Catchable Pokemon in that area and their rarity.
  • /friend name - will add someone to or remove someone from your Friends list.

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